Unhinged Donald Trump angrily threatened Prime Minister of Australia and hung up on him

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In the latest sign that Donald Trump may be coming too combatively unhinged to even manage to communicate with close allies, word has leaked out that he prematurely ended a phone call with the Prime Minister of Australia by yelling, bragging, threatening, and then abruptly hanging up on him a full half hour before the call was supposed to end. It also turns out the White House flat out lied about the outcome of Trump’s phone call in the hope of preventing the disturbing details from becoming public.

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The details of Donald Trump’s scheduled diplomatic phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have leaked out in extraordinary fashion. It turns out Turnbull asked Trump if he was planning to honor an existing refugee agreement between the two nations. But this set Trump off, as he has just gotten done issuing an executive order which banned Muslims from seven nations from entering the United States and illegally detained tens of thousand of innocent Muslims in airports.

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Trump responded by yelling at Turnbull about refugees, bragging about the size of his Electoral College victory (ostensibly omitting the part about how he lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes), and threatening that Turnbull would get “killed” politically for daring to defy Trump on refugees. Trump then accused Australia of trying to cause another Boston Marathon bombing, and then hung up on him. The White House then put out a statement dishonestly claiming that the phone call had gone well.

Remarkably, sources which the Washington Post describes as “senior U.S. officials” were willing to leak these details, presumably for the purpose of trying to turn the tide of American public opinion against the unstable Trump and force him out of office.

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