Russian oil exec found dead after caught bribing Donald Trump to lift U.S. sanctions

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Even as Donald Trump’s domestic policies continue to sow chaos and civil unrest within the United States, his deepening – and now increasingly deadly – scandal with Russia continues to play out in the background. At least four U.S. intel assets in Russia have been arrested by Russian authorities, and at least one key U.S. intel asset has been found dead in the back of a car. But the identity of the dead man, and his business relationship with Donald Trump and his advisors, takes the scandal to a stunning new level.

Trump is a Russian spy

The man found dead is Oleg Erovinkin, the former KGB and FSB intelligence agent who secretly fed information about Donald Trump to MI6 agent Christopher Steele in what what has ultimately become popularly known as the “Russian pee pee” scandal due to the involvement of Trump and lewd acts with prostitutes. The Telegraph says he was found dead in the back of a car and that foul play is suspected. But what may be more alarming is what Erovinkin was doing for a living after he retired from the Russian FSB.

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Erovinkin was the right hand man of former Russian deputy prime minister Igor Sechin, and he followed Sechin into the private sector. Sechin went on to become the head of Russian oil company Rosneft, where Erovinkin also became an exec. According to the MI6 report which was put together with Erovinkin’s help, Rosneft offered to sell a 19% share of itself to Carter Page, who was a top Donald Trump campaign advisor at the time. It was a sweetheart deal which was understood to be in exchange for Trump lifting any sanctions on Russia if he won the election and took office.

How do these pieces all fit together? We know that Erovinkin was leaking these details in an effort to expose the whole thing. And we know that he was found dead in late December, right around the time that these details are believed to have first made it out of Russia. Also, around this same time, Trump advisor Carter Page traveled to Russia for reasons that are still unknown — but he was quoted in the Russian state run media as warning Senator John McCain not to pursue the matter. This was around the time that the report fell into McCain’s hands.

So did Rosneft and the Russian government have Oleg Erovinkin killed because he leaked these secrets? Why was Trump advisor Carter Page, who was set to become wealthy by way of Rosneft’s attempted bribery of Donald Trump, in Russia at the time Erovinkin turned up dead? This reads like a bad spy novel. And yet the above facts all known. The only questions now are how these facts fit together, and what Trump knew and when he knew it.

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