Tucker Carlson has on-air meltdown, tells viewers to call the police and falsely report imaginary crimes

Over the weekend Palmer Report wrote that even though the media is portraying Tucker Carlson as an unstoppably invincible villain, his own increasingly unhinged and frazzled behavior suggests that he’s actually melting under the spotlight. Sure enough, we’re now seeing more evidence of that.

Tucker Carlson is now promoting the view that parents who have their kids wear masks are abusing their children. This is a derangedly insane opinion on Carlson’s part, but the First Amendment says he gets to say it. Here’s the trouble, though. Carlson is also urging his viewers to call the police when they see kids wearing masks, and report their parents for child abuse.


It’s a crime to call the police and falsely report a crime that you know didn’t happen. So now Tucker Carlson has crossed over into encouraging his viewers to commit crimes, which is arguably a crime on his part. This is whacked out, even for him. If Carlson were enjoying the additional attention he’s now receiving, he’d know how to milk it to build his brand. Instead he’s doing the kinds of things that his critics can use against him in terms of chasing his remaining advertisers away. Carlson is in a self sabotaging panic.

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