Insider: look for Robert Mueller to pull off surprise arrests of two Donald Trump family members

Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has the cooperation of Michael Flynn, whose attorneys last night took definitive steps which reveal that Flynn is negotiating a plea deal. So what comes next? Flynn will have to give up everything he knows on everyone in order to get his deal to stick. One legal insider, who has worked with and against Mueller in the past, is offering some startling insight into what’s about to happen.

Last night Norm Eisen, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, posted this tweet just as the Michael Flynn news was breaking: “I negotiated a cooperation deal for a target with Mueller’s office when he was US Atty and lemme tell ya, he’s not gonna give one to Flynn unless he implicates someone up the ladder. That means Kushner, Don Jr., or Big Daddy. They are all having indigestion tonight.” This morning he added more insight, based on when he was later working with Mueller.

Eisen added “One more thing I learned about Mueller. When I was at State & he was at FBI we worked together on an investigation, & he loves surprises. Kushner, Donnie Jr. and the rest of the Trump crime family better keep their overnight bags handy. Pack shoes with no laces guys.” In other words, the minute Robert Mueller gets the evidence and testimony he needs from Michael Flynn, he’s likely to make a point of pulling off surprise high-profile arrests in order to push things into motion.


It’s worth pointing out that when Robert Mueller concluded over the summer that he needed to quickly arrest Trump adviser George Papadopoulos, he didn’t even wait for an indictment or warrant. He simply had his people catch Papadopoulos by surprise at the airport, arresting him based on probable cause. Then he sorted out the legal details in court. So it’s entirely feasible that Mueller could arrest the likes of Jared Kushner or Donald Trump Jr without waiting for a grand jury first.

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