After Michael Flynn decides to cut a deal, Michael Flynn Jr posts a series of revealing tweets

What is Michael Flynn trying to tell us by formally cutting off communication with Donald Trump’s attorneys? That one’s pretty straightforward: legal experts agree that it means Flynn has begun negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It’s widely believed that Flynn is making the deal to try to protect his son from legal prosecution. So what is the younger Michael Flynn trying to tell us with his subsequent tweets? That’s a little further out there.

This morning Michael Flynn’s son (who calls himself “Michael Flynn Jr” even though he has a different middle name and technically is not a Junior) posted an animated GIF image of actor Tracy Morgan frantically screaming “Everybody calm down!” On the one hand, Flynn Jr seems to be trying to stem the tide of the media reporting about his father having cut a deal. On the other hand, the screaming imagery strongly suggests that he is in fact panicking himself. It’s one step shy of the classic scene from The Office in which Michael Scott runs around the room during a fire drill yelling “Stay f—ing calm!” Flynn Jr then went on to post even more cryptic tweets.

Michael Flynn Jr posted an image whose text said “In practical life the wisest and soundest people avoid speculation.” However, this is not mere speculation on the part of the media. In legal terms, there is only one reason for Michael Flynn’s legal team to have dissolved its information sharing partnership with Donald Trump’s legal team.

Finally, perhaps ultimately revealing his true feelings on the matter, Michael Flynn Jr tweeted “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” What stands out here is that Junior is making no attempt to actually dispute the report that his father is negotiating a plea deal. It’s entirely possible that Flynn Jr doesn’t yet know what’s going on himself – or that he’s in denial about what’s happening.

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