SNL: Sean Spicer plays with dolls, Jeff Sessions is also portrayed by a woman

Alec Baldwin was the host of Saturday Night Live tonight, bringing his recent pattern of guest-portraying Donald Trump on the show full circle, but the opening sketch ended up taking on different members of the Trump administration. Melissa McCarthy returned to portray angry White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who once again resorted to props to try to make his case. And Trump’s new Attorney General Jeff Sessions also made an appearance, portrayed by a woman.

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SNL’s version of Sean Spicer gave himself the nickname “Spicey” this time around, and proceeded to chew a massive piece of gum before stumbling his way through a list of names of foreign leaders he couldn’t come close to pronouncing. He then tried and failed to explain a reporter’s question about Trump’s Muslim ban, resorting to using a law enforcement doll and a barbie doll to spell it out. This was a throwback to last week when he used a moose and a lamb to spell out “Muslim” among other bizarre props.

Thanks to a midweek report that Donald Trump thought Sean Spicer had been made to look “weak” because he was portrayed by a woman, Saturday Night Live decided to go ahead take things further. SNL regular Kate McKinnon stepped up to Spicer’s podium to portray racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a clear attempt at getting under Trump’s skin:

But by the end of the SNL sketch Spicer had retaken the podium, and as had been the case last week, he began ramming the podium into the reporters whose questions he didn’t like. In a later sketch, Saturday Night Live depicted Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway (also played by McKinnon) stalking CNN reporter Jake Tapper after he refused to book her for an interview due to her worsening credibility issues.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report