Sick bastard Donald Trump brags he’ll get the black vote because NBA star’s cousin was murdered

After spending the past two weeks promoting the bizarre premise that he’ll somehow get the African-American vote, Donald Trump took his asinine claim to its inevitable endpoint today. His message had been growing increasingly tonedeaf as he’s pretended to pander to black voters in an attempt at convincing white moderate voters that he’s not as racist as he is. But today he crossed the kind of racist line which should help ensure the entire endeavor blows up on his face.

After NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin was gunned down in Chicago, Donald Trump thought it would be a good idea to brag that the murder is why “African-Americans will vote Trump.” The disgusting tweet set off a firestorm of backlash. Even as Wade himself tried to remain above the fray by ignoring it, actor Don Cheadle laid into Trump with such a strongly worded rebuttal that Trump apparently ended up blocking him.

Not that Donald Trump’s opportunistically racist response should have come as a surprise. After nearly any tragic event has taken place during the course of the campaign, Trump has quickly tried to take credit for having predicated it, and bragged that he’s going to win the election because the tragedy happened.

Trump is now spending his days trying to convince audiences full of white voters that black people are going to vote for him because immigrants are taking jobs away from black people. Not that anyone is buying it, of course. He’s still polling within the margin of error of zero percent with African-American voters. And among all voters, he’s losing in every national poll.


Trump’s racist and racially divisive themes aren’t giving him a chance of winning, and by now even he has to have figured it out. But since he’s going to lose anyway, he appears to have decided to have some sadistic fun on the way down. As a journalist I’d like to come up with something more professional sounding than “sick bastard” in order to describe Donald Trump. But what a sick bastard.

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