Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” remark and the big Trump-Russia bombshell

Donald Trump found a way to sink to a new racist low today when he said that he doesn’t want immigrants coming from places like Haiti and African countries because they’re “shithole countries.” Even as network news censors try to figure out how to report on the remark, the White House is declining to deny that Trump said it. It raises the question: is this just Trump being his usual racist and increasingly unfiltered self, or is this because something else is coming?

In the past, Trump has consistently tried creating these kinds of racist distractions whenever he’s gotten word that a major Trump-Russia bombshell is about to hit the airwaves. He’ll jump on Twitter and begin attacking a prominent black athlete so the media will cover that instead of covering whatever Russia news is about to surface about him. His logic has presumably been that it’s better to have the media call him a terrible person for a day, than to report on his treasonous rigging of the election. Is that what we just witnessed today?

Normally I’d say yes, absolutely, this remark was a calculated attempt on Trump’s part at distracting from a Russia bombshell that he thinks is going to land within the next day or two. But considering the increasingly vacant and senile-seeming behavior we’ve seen out of Trump of late, you have to wonder if he’s so far gone that he didn’t even realize that blurting out “shithole countries” in front of Congressmen from both parties would cause it to quickly hit the media.

So is Donald Trump trying to create an ugly spectacle as a distraction from the big Trump-Russia news that’s about to land, or is he just too senile now to keep his most racist thoughts from blurting out in front of the wrong people? I’ll admit I don’t know anymore. He’s declining so severely and so rapidly, the ground is now shifting too quickly to get a read on it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report