Donald Trump slips up and makes bizarre admission about his antics with Kim Jong-Un

Donald Trump’s very public confrontations with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un have long stood out as suspicious. No matter how unstable Trump may be, why would he keep trying to provoke a lunatic by threatening to nuke him? Even if Trump wanted to make these threats, why would he make them in public? And why is it that Kim’s antics toward the United States have so often occurred just when Trump needed a distraction from his own biggest troubles? Trump just opened his mouth and may have given away the entire game.

Trump just inexplicably told the Wall Street Journal that he has a “very good relationship with Kim Jong-Un.” (link). Yes, Trump is a delusional narcissist. Yes, he wants to believe that everyone likes him. But one of the biggest tenets of Trump’s gameplan in office has been to create the appearance that he’s willing and eager to blow Kim and his country off the face of the earth. For any of the rest of his antics and distractions to work, he has to keep up the public perception that he has no regard for Kim.

Yet Trump is now rapidly reaching the point where he’s less likely to say something for the sake of manipulation, and more likely to blurt out the truth by accident because he no longer has any filter. Even by his wacky logic, there is no reason for Trump to blurt out that he has a good relationship with Kim Jong-Un unless he actually does have a good relationship with him.

This raises the question of whether Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un might indeed be making these deranged public threats toward each other for their mutual benefit, while perhaps privately getting on the phone and laughing about it all. Trump is losing his filter so severely, he may end up confessing to a lot of things before much longer.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report