Donald Trump’s most deranged day yet

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Donald Trump might be the most deranged man of his generation. He’s clearly and malignantly mentally ill. He’s clearly a racist. He’s clearly paranoid delusional. He’s clearly suffering from cognitive problems that continue to get worse. The man has had so many deranged days, with such increasing frequency and severity, it’s difficult to imagine that he could top himself – but he might have done precisely that today.

“I’m a proud shithole,” CNN commentator Philip Mudd angrily yelled while defending immigrants, without being bleeped out, even as the word “shithole” was displayed across the bottom of the screen in large capital letters. That’s because Donald Trump, the so-called President of the United States, went on a racist tirade in the Oval Office today about not wanting immigrants from “shithole countries” such as Haiti and African countries, which conveniently happened to be predominantly non-white. The show has reached a new low.

This is so jarringly awful that no one is even sure what to do with it. Wolf Blitzer keeps saying “s-hole” even as the word “shithole” is on the screen under him, because Trump has now stooped to saying the kinds of things you’re not even supposed to say on television. And yet when Mudd went on a tirade, listing off various racial slurs that Trump and his ilk like to throw around, no one at CNN bothered to bleep that either. Trump has dragged us so low that all bets are now off.


This isn’t simply about profanity. It’s that Donald Trump keeps finding ways to drag America further into the gutter, in every sense of the phrase. The predominant public debate is already focused on whether Trump is mentally unstable, racist, senile, idiotic, grotesque, unfit for office. This comes even as we see more evidence each day that Trump committed treason with the Russians in order to rig the election in his favor. America can’t heal until Trump is removed from office, imprisoned, and turned into a cautionary tale for all time.

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