Sally Yates rips Donald Trump on Christmas Eve

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates tends to choose her words carefully. In the several months since Donald Trump illegally fired her in the hope of protecting his own criminal National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Yates has only tweeted on occasion, and even then she’s been very measured. But after Trump launched a vicious and threatening attack on the FBI this weekend, Yates used Christmas Eve to fire back at Trump accordingly.

This morning, Trump tweeted this utter nonsense about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, not a word of which is accurate or true: “FBI’s Andrew McCabe, ‘in addition to his wife getting all of this money from M (Clinton Puppet), he was using, allegedly, his FBI Official Email Account to promote her campaign. You obviously cannot do this. These were the people who were investigating Hillary Clinton.'” Trump has received widespread pushback for these antics, but it was Yates who zinged him the hardest.

Sally Yates quoted Trump’s demented tweeted and added her own words: “This on Christmas Eve? Secret Service, be on the look out for three ghosts visiting Mar-a-Lago tonight.” In just seventeen words, Yates managed to make more of a point than Trump has in the endless rambling tweets he’s posted about the FBI this week. Yates is far from the only one pushing back against the desperate and illegal threats that Trump has been hurling at the FBI.

Former FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump fired in an attempt at keeping his own crimes from being exposed, is now encouraging all Americans to donate to the FBI Agents Association in the name of Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer Jim Baker. Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, yet another respected official whom Trump fired to try to avoid prosecution, chimed in that Trump’s attacks on the FBI make him “profoundly weak.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report