Donald Trump is hallucinating

Most people spend Christmas Eve consuming ham, turkey, or egg nog. Donald Trump appears to be spending Christmas Eve consuming something hallucinogenic. That’s the only possible way to explain the delusional rants he’s posting on Twitter as the day goes on. He’s clearly not enjoying being around his family for the holidays, and his latest tweet makes clear that he’s so far gone psychologically, he’s outright hallucinating about things that do not exist.

Trump began with a whiny divisive rant about how great his “base” is, at the expense of mainstream Americans. Then he followed it up with this: “The Tax Cut/Reform Bill, including Massive Alaska Drilling and the Repeal of the highly unpopular Individual Mandate, brought it all together as to what an incredible year we had. Don’t let the Fake News convince you otherwise…and our insider Polls are strong!” Wait, what could he possibly even be talking about here?

The polls all show that his tax bill – which raises taxes on most working working class people despite his lies – is historically unpopular. It has an approval rating in the twenties, making it one of the most hated pieces of legislation of all time. The polls also show that while ObamaCare has spent years struggling to gain acceptance, it’s become extremely popular now that the public has finally begin to figure out that it’s beneficial, and that none of the Republican lies about it are true. But the most jarring part of this tweet is the last part.

Donald Trump claims that his “insider Polls are strong!” We have no idea why he’s capitalizing “Polls.” But we do know that he could not possibly have insider polls showing that the tax bill is popular, or that ObamaCare is unpopular. Insider polls can vary from publicly available polls to a small extent, but that’s it. The reality is that Trump is the least popular first-year U.S. President in the history of polling. If he thinks he’s seeing internal numbers to the contract, he’s hallucinating. Is he on hallucinogenic drugs right now, or is his severe mental illness getting worse?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report