Donald Trump knows he’s toast

Donald Trump is perhaps the biggest “sore winner” in American history. In the year-plus since he committed treason to rig the election in his favor, he’s spent most of his time whining about how he didn’t get enough credit for his fake victory, even while blaming everyone in sight. So it’s not shocking that he’s still whining on Christmas Eve. But when you take a look at what he’s whining about today, it becomes clear that he knows he’s toast.

Trump woke up on Christmas Eve morning, surrounded by those who pretend to love him, tucked away at his own fraudulently funded golf resort, with perfect weather and holiday cheer all around, and the first thing he thought to tweet about was Hillary Clinton and the FBI. We all know why. He rigged the election against Hillary, yet he still lost to her by three million votes, and his malignant narcissism won’t let him accept it. More importantly, Trump knows the FBI is closing in on him, and he’s headed to prison.

Trump has continued to spend the rest of Christmas Eve posting panicked, defensive, angry, whiny, and hallucinatory tweets. He’s insisting that his small and shrinking base is somehow much larger than it is, even as his approval rating sinks further into historically low territory. He’s insisting that ObamaCare is despised, when in fact the numbers reveal it’s more popular than ever. Trump can’t handle the fact that he’s a failed president who couldn’t come close to matching the black guy who came before him, in terms of accomplishments or popularity. For an extreme racist like Trump, there’s nothing worse than realizing he’s inferior to a black guy.

But Donald Trump’s tweets about the FBI are how we know that he knows he’s toast. No sitting president ever begins publicly threatening the pension of the Deputy Director of the FBI unless he knows the FBI is in range of taking him down for his crimes. Trump is guilty of conspiracy against the United States, obstruction of justice, money laundering, espionage and treason. He’s only attacking the FBI because he knows the FBI is going to nail him. Trump is toast and he knows it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report