Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions take one last shot at sabotaging Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has now progressed to the point that Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff appears to be fully cooperating with Mueller. If that’s the case, it means the investigation has moved past the point where Trump can ultimately survive it. But that’s not stopping Trump and his corrupt Attorney General Jeff Sessions from taking one last big swing at sabotaging Mueller.

Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation after he was caught lying under oath about his own series of secret meetings with the Russian Ambassador during the election. Sessions has willfully violated his own recusal on at least a few instances, but he hasn’t managed to stop Mueller’s progress. Now he’s trying a different tactic. Sessions has gotten Trump to appoint his former top aide Brian Benczkowski into a role where he’ll attempt to act as a spy inside the Mueller investigation.

Benczkowski has been appointed as the head of the criminal division of the Justice Department (link). Thus far he’s been approved by the relevant Senate committee, even after the Democrats pointed out the obviously nefarious nature of the appointment. If he’s approved by the full Senate, it’ll give him immediate access to everything that Mueller is doing behind the scenes. He can then relay that information to Trump and Sessions, so they can work to sabotage Mueller as he goes.

We’ll see whether the full Senate approves Benczkowski’s appointment or not. Three Republican Senators would need to have the guts to vote “no” and put an end to this latest underhanded scheme on the part of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. Even if Benczkowski is confirmed, it’s difficult to imagine anything standing in the way of Robert Mueller’s progress at this point. If he’s already made it to the former White House Chief of Staff, everything is going to come out one way or the other. Contribute to Palmer Report

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