We told you Donald Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was dirty on Trump-Russia

Since early 2017, Palmer Report has been pointing out the deep financial ties that Donald Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has had to the Trump-Russia scandal (link). Frankly, we’ve been mystified that the mainstream media had no interest in picking up on the story. But now, new evidence has surfaced that Ross has been trying to hide billions of dollars – and it’s finally enough to get the mainstream media’s attention.

The scandalous nature of Trump’s appointment of Wilbur Ross has been fairly obvious from the start. Back in January, it was discovered that Russia had been funneling money into Bank of Cyprus, and then into Deutsche Bank in Germany, to launder billions of dollars into the United States. In turn, Deutsche Bank has been loaning absurd amounts of money to Donald Trump in recent years, despite the bank having fallen on hard times, and Trump having become such a poor credit risk that most banks wouldn’t touch him. Wilbur Ross was the vice chairman of Bank of Cyprus. After the election Trump named Ross his Secretary of Commerce. It’s not difficult to figure out how to connect these dots. Now we have another crucial piece of the puzzle.

Immediately after the election, and before Trump took office, Ross shifted two billion dollars of his own assets into the names of family members. He then left those assets off his financial disclosure forms when Trump appointed him Secretary of Commerce, according to Forbes (link). Based on the timing, this wasn’t some kind of tax or inheritance move. This was an attempt at preventing watchdogs or the media from scrutinizing those specific assets once he became a government officer.

The only reason for Wilbur Ross to have done this is if the assets in question were obtained illegally, or they’re the key to unraveling a scandal. Ross was running the Bank of Cyprus at the time Russia was using his bank to illegally launder money into the United States, and probably into the hands of Donald Trump. Then Trump gave Ross a cushy job, and Ross hid these specific assets. Follow the money.

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