Oops: Ivanka Trump’s arrogance helped set in motion the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

No one seems to have any idea why Donald Trump appointed Ivanka Trump to an unspecified White House senior adviser position – including the two of them. Trump doesn’t rely on his daughter for any official job duties, and she just goes around saying arrogant things while having no influence on his horrible decisions. But now it turns out one decision she did make is a big part of the reason why the Trump-Russia scandal is threatening to take Trump down.

During the transition period, Ivanka Trump took over a meeting so she could give Michael Flynn the choice of any job in the administration that he wanted, according to a New Yorker profile (link). There was no vetting involved. There was no consideration of Flynn’s illegal payments from foreign governments, which the Trump campaign is documented to have known about at the time. Ivanka simply decided, all on her own, that Flynn should be able to write his own ticket. Why? Who the hell knows. But look what she’s put in motion since.

As a result of Ivanka having arrogantly inserted herself into the situation, Michael Flynn was handed the National Security Adviser job. When his Russian ties became a scandal, he ended up being forced to resign just twenty-four days into his tenure. Flynn’s resignation over his Russia ties is widely regarded as the domino that put everything else into motion about the Trump-Russia scandal. It confirmed to the general public that the scandal was very much real. It gave investigators an entry point for gradually unraveling the layers of connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

If Donald Trump is ultimately ousted from office due to his Russia scandal, which now seems inevitable if probably not imminent, he can blame his own daughter for having arrogantly made the move that ended up blowing the scandal open. Contribute to Palmer Report

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