Russia expert: Putin ready to take down useless Donald Trump with blackmail material and move on

Considering how erratically and ineffectively Donald Trump has been behaving since taking office, and how his scandals have put more western scrutiny on the actions of Russia than ever, it’s difficult to imagine that Vladimir Putin is getting what he bargained for. And now one Russia expert says Putin is ready to take down Trump by releasing the blackmail material he’s holding on him, and move on.

During Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, Russia expert Nina Khrushcheva appeared as a guest and stated that Putin is a pragmatist and has seen by now that the Donald Trump experiment isn’t working. “He could have hoped, he thought he could manipulate it, he used it for as long as he could have. But now the reality, as I said, has kicked in.” She went on to point out that Putin is certainly holding blackmail material over Trump of some kind, which could be used to decimate him.

From there it’s less clear what would happen next. Trump already has an approval rating in the mid thirties, the lowest any president has ever seen this early in office. If Putin releases devastating dirt on him, it could send his approval rating into the twenties, which – as we learned toward the end of the Richard Nixon regime – leaves a president too crippled to function on any level. Watch the video of Russia expert Nina Khrushcheva appearing on this morning’s Joy Reid show on MSNBC:
(thanks to Raw Story)

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report