‪Donald Trump is now afraid to set foot in his hometown of New York City‬

Since being sworn in nearly three months ago, Donald Trump has spent a historically high percentage of his time away from the White House. He’s traveled to his Mar-a-Lago second home in Florida so often that it’s wreaking havoc on Palm Beach County. He’s traveled to his golf resort in Virginia. He’s taken victory tours across the country. And yet bizarrely, since he took office, Trump has never traveled back to his primary residence at Trump Tower. In fact he’s never once set foot in his lifelong hometown of New York City, period, since inauguration. So what gives?

Palmer Report’s research team couldn’t document a single instance of Donald Trump visiting New York since the inauguration, and sure enough, the Boston Globe backs us up on this (link). There’s no looking past the fact that his wife Melania decided not to move to the White House with him, but that alone seemingly wouldn’t be enough of a reason for him to avoid Trump Tower entirely. Could she really have given him a ‘Don’t come here or I’ll divorce you’ ultimatum? Would he abide by such an ultimatum anyway? In any case, they’ve been seen together at Mar-a-Lago, so it’s not as if they’re totally avoiding each other. Accordingly, the explanation for Donald Trump dodging New York City may be a more paranoid one.

This is the part where you have to stop and ask yourself if Donald Trump honestly believed it when he accused President Obama of having wiretapped Trump Tower. Is it possible he’s been avoiding his own home these past few months because he truly doesn’t understand how phone wiretap warrants work, and he thinks the building is somehow bugged? There’s also an even more surreal, yet equally plausible explanation.

As Palmer Report reported yesterday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is expected to bring RICO indictments in Donald Trump’s Russian financial scandal (link). You and I both know that law enforcement can’t simply arrest a sitting president. But given Donald Trump’s general lack of understanding of how any of this works, does he know that? Is that the real reason why, even as he searches for an excuse to travel away from the White House nearly every weekend, he’s declining to set foot in New York City? Contribute to Palmer Report

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