Donald Trump ships NSC deputy K.T. McFarland off to Singapore shortly after Carter Page’s trip there

For weeks, observers on all sides have been asking aloud why Donald Trump has asked his deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland to resign her post and become the Ambassador to Singapore instead. McFarland initially claimed she didn’t want the Singapore job, but last week she accepted it (CNN). Amid the increasing scrutiny on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, it’s now time to ask if McFarland’s appointment is related to Page’s own recent visit to Singapore.

This week it was revealed that the FBI has had a FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page dating back to last summer, which came on the heels of the revelation that Page had been under the thumb of a Russian spy since 2013. That now makes Page’s every action suspicious in and of itself. For instance he traveled to Moscow during the general election, while he was still a Trump campaign adviser, raising questions about what he may have been doing on Trump’s behalf during that trip. And his circumstantial ties to the the Trump Tower Russian email server are overwhelming (link). So just what was Page doing in Singapore six weeks ago?

Business Insider reporter Natasha Bertrand stated on March 1st that “Source tells me Carter Page, who was allegedly offered a cut of the Rosneft deal, was in Singapore this week on a business trip” (link). The original infamous Trump-Russia dossier from former MI6 agent Christopher Steele alleges that Page negotiated a deal with Russian oil company Rosneft, which Reuters says was partially sold to interests in Singapore (link) – suggesting that Page may have still been trying to work the Rosneft angle while was in Singapore in March.

Just a month after Carter Page’s trip to Singapore, word first leaked out that Donald Trump was considering shipping K.T. McFarland off to Singapore in an official capacity (CNN). Nine days later it was announced that she was officially accepting the job (link). So what does McFarland’s sudden appointment to Singapore have to do with Page’s recent trip to Singapore? Maybe nothing. But McFarland was the hand picked deputy of Michael Flynn, who is just as much of a Russian puppet as Carter Page. We’ll be watching K.T. McFarland’s actions in Singapore closely. Contribute to Palmer Report

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