Protesters will march to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago during his Florida vacation this weekend

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In the eleven days since Donald Trump has been in office, the protests against him — both preplanned and spontaneous — have been massive and sustained. The Women’s March overtook entire cities. This weekend’s protests against Trump’s Muslim ban have taken over airports and public squares. Recent protests outside the White House shut down Pennsylvania Avenue. And now comes an organized protest outside Donald Trump’s other home, to coincide with his imminent vacation there.

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The march has been organized on a Facebook event called “March to Mar-A-Lago for Humanity” and will take place this Saturday, February 4th while Trump is at his Florida home. The crowd is gathering at Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach at 5pm, and it’ll march over to Trump’s location at Mar-a-Lago beginning at 6pm.

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The event organizer explains that “In light of recent events and our growing concern with the authoritarianism of the Trump Administration, the name of our march was changed. It now reflects the worsening state of affairs under the Trump Administration … In addition to being a peaceful demonstration, MARCH TO MAR-A-LAGO will be a celebration of our impassioned political engagement, our unity in the face of oppression from the alt-right Trump Administration and above all, our rebooted sense of HOPE.”

The March to Mar-a-Lago event page is located here, where you can mark that you’re attending or interested, which will ensure you receive additional details as they’re announced. Meanwhile, after the long-organized Women’s March drew millions of anti-Trump protesters around the nation, a series of subsequent spontaneous protests have broken out in major cities each time Trump has done something newly un-American.

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