Donald Trump’s motorcade stopped by wall of protesters yelling profanities at him

Donald Trump is having a bad week, a bad month, a bad year. His approval rating is the lowest of any first-year U.S. President in the history of polling. His campaign chairman is under house arrest. His former National Security Adviser just cut a plea deal to testify against him in the Russia scandal. His corrupt finances are now under investigation. Could it get any worse? There’s always insult to injury.

Here’s what surfaced in this week’s White House pool report: “Trump motorcade runs into a ‘wall of protesters’ signs include ‘Trump, a monumental mistake,’ ‘Tiny Hands off our lands,’ and many chanting ‘F**K You Trump!'” (link). At this point Trump is so unpopular, even his motorcade can’t go anywhere because there are too many people standing in front of him and yelling “f**k you” at him. While this is a hilarious visual to anyone who wants to see Trump ousted from office, it actually does have practical ramifications.

Trump has been consistently bothered by the fact that he’s far less popular than President Obama. Trump has gone so far as to tweet fake poll numbers, in an attempt at convincing himself that he’s not as widely hated as he is. He’s continued to hold campaign rallies since taking office so he can feel the adoration of his base cheering on his every semi-coherent word. He’s desperate to pretend he’s popular. Yet now he can’t even go anywhere without throngs of Americans screaming mean things at him.

How much of a psychological impact can these protesters have on Donald Trump? Considering how oblivious, narcissistic, and addle-brained he is in general, the potential impact on him is not entirely clear. But considering the lengths he’s traveled to try to pretend that he isn’t hated in the manner that he’s hated, it can’t exactly help his resolve when he’s facing walls of Americans cursing him out everywhere he goes.

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