Donald Trump Jr goes berserk ahead of his testimony, insists the “secret police” are out to get him

Donald Trump Jr is testifying in private today before Congress about his role in his father’s Russia scandal. Last night NBC News reported that the Russian government lawyer he met with during the election, who has already testified before Congress herself, has ratted him out for having specifically and illegally sought dirt on Hillary Clinton. Based on Junior’s berserk conspiratorial reaction, he may end up showing up for his testimony while wearing a tinfoil hat.

In the days since Michael Flynn decided to cut a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which will likely bring down the entire Trump family for various crimes, Trump and his allies have been furiously spinning a series of fictional tales about Mueller and the FBI. According to them, the entire Trump-Russia investigation is a deep state conspiracy. Nevermind that four of Trump’s people have already been arrested and two of them have already pleaded guilty; facts like that no longer matter to the Trump cult.

To that end, Fox News host Tucker Carlson – who now sounds so unhinged that he may be a danger to himself and others – tweeted this completely insane nonsense: “This is how secret police start, when law enforcement agencies decide to do the bidding of politicians, rather than pursue impartial justice on behalf of the public. Let’s nip this nightmare in the bud right now.” Shortly after the news broke about the Russian lawyer having incriminated Donald Trump Jr, he promptly retweeted Carlson’s mentally deranged tweet.

This means that Donald Trump Jr is now insisting, presumably with a straight face, that some ill-defined “secret police” are out to get him for no apparent reason. The idiot appears to have committed some form of treason against the United States. That’s why he’ll probably spent the rest of his life in prison. Yet in his mind, it’s all a conspiracy against him. Perhaps he’s aiming for a mental incompetency defense.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report