“This guy is a joke” – Donald Trump’s staff really wants you to know how badly he’s unraveling

Last week, after one of Donald Trump’s most immature Twitter meltdowns to date, Republican Senator Bob Corker lamented that the Trump presidency had turned the White House into an “adult daycare center.” Since that time, multiple members of Trump’s own staff have responded by leaking the kind of embarrassing details that confirm Corker’s assessment. Now it’s being revealed just how much of a circus Trump’s daycare center truly is.

Trump’s staff has been reduced to giving him “perpetual compliments” in an effort to win over his favor, according to a new Washington Post report (link). Some of his top aides, such as National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, have resorted to quashing Trump’s most idiotic ideas by promising to research them and then just never getting back to him about it. Trump sits around physically mocking his own allies such as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Or as one expert quoted in the article sums it up, behind Trump’s back, his advisers think “This guy is a joke.”

This comes on the heels of a Vanity Fair profile in which Trump’s own advisers leaked a number of other embarrassing details about him. One of them admitted that Trump has “lost a step” mentally, and that the staff is now trying to keep him from doing any serious interviews for fear he’ll embarrass himself. Another said that the staff has been warning him the 25th Amendment might be invoked against him – and then admitted that Trump didn’t even seem to know what the 25th Amendment is.

In other words, Senator Bob Corker’s assessment of Donald Trump is disturbingly correct. Even more tellingly, Trump’s own advisers are now leaking these details in a rather obvious cry for help. They know Trump is unraveling in dangerous fashion, and they’re putting this information out there in the hope that it’ll lead to Trump’s ouster. That’s just far gone Trump is – and he’s coming more unglued by the day. Contribute to Palmer Report

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