Donald Trump finally admits he’s accomplished nothing, offers bizarre explanation

Apart from dragging the United States presidency into the gutter and spitefully trying to sabotage the accomplishments of his predecessor Barack Obama, the cold hard reality is that Donald Trump hasn’t accomplished anything. This is remarkable, considering that all new presidents accomplish something in their first year, and that Trump has had the added benefit of a majority in Congress. Finally, he’s admitting his failure – but his explanation for his own failure is bizarre and nothing short of pathetic.

Despite the fact that Trump’s own Republican Party has majority control in both the House and Senate, he’s blaming the Democrats for his own lack of accomplishments. That’s not possible, considering the majority-rule nature of government. But sure enough, he’s blaming the Democrats for “obstruction” (link). He’s also blaming a handful of Republicans for only voting with him most of the time, and not all of the time – while seemingly not realizing that it’s his job to work with his own party to give them something they’re willing to vote for.

Trump actually went so far as to say this during his cabinet meeting: “We are not getting the job done and I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest.” Wait, what? If he’d taken the word “not” out of that sentence, he’d have made it accurate, and he might have gained a bit of respect for it. Instead he’s outright refusing to take any responsibility for the fact that he’s failing in precisely the manner that any thinking person knew he would fail.

At least Donald Trump is now reaching the point where he’s admitting that he’s accomplished nothing. Then again, come to think of it, the other night he tweeted that he was the most accomplished president in modern history. So at this point he appears to be just saying things at random – which come to think of it, is part of why he has zero accomplishments. Welcome to 2017, where the buck stops somewhere over there. Contribute to Palmer Report

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