Hillary Clinton is Gallup’s 2016 most admired woman in America, for 15th year in a row

Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the popular vote by nearly three million votes, and now she’s beaten him in the popularity contest as well. Gallup announced its list men and women who are most admired by Americans today, and Hillary has topped the list of women for the fifteenth consecutive year. Meanwhile Trump has lost the “most admired man” battle to his longtime political rival, President Barack Obama, by a wide margin. So what does Hillary’s victory mean?

It may be small consolation for Hillary Clinton to learn that she’s still the most admired woman in America, now that she’s illegitimately had the presidency taken away from her. Although she won by three million votes even after the election was rigged in Trump’s favor by everyone from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to the Republican Director of the FBI, the most unlikely fluke of electoral college math in history has handed the White House to Trump.

That said, the 2016 Gallup poll does confirm that Hillary’s popularity is still intact with Americans, putting her in a strong position to do whatever she may decide to do next on the public stage. While it seems unlikely that she’ll run for office again, she has significant influence over American voters. That sets her up to be a key surrogate in the 2018 and 2020 races, if she wants the role. It also sets her up to be a leading voice fighting back against Donald Trump’s policies, if she chooses to. After all, she’s more popular than he is.

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