Hours after John Kerry speech, Israel launches criminal probe into Benjamin Netanyahu

Just days after the United Nations passed a resolution against Israel which seemed aimed at rebuking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in particular, and just hours after United States Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a blistering speech aimed at isolating Netanyahu has being bad for Israel, the government of Israel is now making moves which seem aimed at ridding itself of Netanyahu. The Attorney General of Israel announced today that he’s ordered the police to investigate Netanyahu on two different criminal matters.

While Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has made no mention of the United Nations dust-up while announcing the new criminal probe, the timing cannot be entirely ignored. Although Benjamin Netanyahu has long been considered controversial on the world stage and he was just barely reelected in 2015, it’s a remarkable development that his own government has suddenly decided to pursue its own sitting Prime Minister on a criminal level.

Even as The Guardian is reporting on the sudden criminal investigation into Netanyahu, just hours earlier, John Kerry had publicly accused Netanyahu of trying to subvert the mideast peace process. It’s not yet clear whether the sudden criminal investigation into Netanyahu by Israel’s own government may be enough to force him out of power. If it does happen, it would mark a major parting victory for U.S. President Barack Obama, who has spent years trying to oust Netanyahu for what he believes is Israel’s own good.

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