Former Trump Organization executive: Donald Trump is mentally ill, has been for decades

What happened when a renowned psychotherapist stated his professional view this week that Donald Trump is “dangerously mentally ill”? It set off a round of controversy, as the doctor in question has never treated Trump directly. But it also set off a round of confirmation, from other professionals and those who simply know him well. In response to the diagnosis in question, a former Trump Organization executive now says that it rings true with everything she knows about him, and that it’s been true for at least several decades.

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It all began when Dr. John D. Gartner announced that in his view “Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill” based on his visible symptoms, which was reported on by U.S. News & World Report. That led the New York Daily News to report that various other mental health professionals have the same view of Trump’s symptoms. This in turn led Barbara Res, who identifies herself as a former executive vice president of the Trump Organization, to reach out to the NYDN and offer her corroborating views based on her personal familiarity with Donald Trump.

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Res is not medical professional. But she now says that she read a professionally published article on narcissism in the eighties, and came to the following conclusion: “Being the team who was charged with building Trump Tower, we all knew Donald Trump very well, especially myself. To a person, we all agreed that the characteristics outlined in the article fit Donald to a “T.” Now, 35 years later, professionals are saying what we knew back then. Only now he is so much worse.”

In other words, top mental health professionals believe Donald Trump is mentally ill based on his current visible symptoms, and one of his own former top execs is affirming that he’s had these same symptoms for decades. To be clear, millions of good natured Americans have various forms of mental illness, and they should not be stigmatized for it. However, Trump’s (presumably untreated) malignant narcissism makes him dangerous in the White House. Shamefully, he’s now using his position to put the health care benefits of mentally ill Americans at risk by trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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