White House insider: Steve Bannon made racist remarks about Supreme Court pick


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With Donald Trump set to announce his Supreme Court nominee tonight, the media has already collectively determined with a good degree of certainty the pick will be it will be federal judge Neil Gorsuch. In the mean time, rogue insiders claiming to be inside the White House have been detailing some of the behind the scenes processes that led to the pick. Two things stand out. One: Trump hates this pick. Two: Steve Bannon is making racist remarks about the minority Justices currently on the Supreme Court.

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Yesterday the @RoguePOTUSStaff Twitter account, which has now twice proven itself to have inside details about other matters before they became public, posted that Reince Priebus and Mike Pence were the ones who pushed Gorsuch, “but POTUS swaying back to [Thomas] Hardiman for spite, despite look of more nepotism.” Meanwhile Steve Bannon suggested asking both Gorsuch and Hardiman for their specific views on Trump’s Muslim ban, but that Pence “barely” talked Trump out of it. And before the pick leaked out today, the insider account tweeted that “POTUS getting eye rolls at flip-floppity attitude toward SCOTUS pick. After settling from crazy weekend, seems back on the Gorsuch train.” But that wasn’t the eyebrow raising part.

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After the Neil Gorsuch pick was finalized, the White House insider tweeted the following: “Bannon jokes that he has mixed feelings about SCOTUS pick. Says that a white man shouldn’t have to serve coffee to a Hispanic woman.” This appears to have been a clear reference to the Supreme Court tradition in which the newest Justice serves coffee to the eight existing Justices, including the Hispanic Sonia Sotomayor.

Some have expressed skepticism as to whether @RoguePOTUSStaff is indeed a White House whistleblower. However we are inclined to believe the account is legitimate because it pegged details of the Mexican President fiasco and the Trump-Putin phone call before they were publicly known, which ultimately turned out to be true. If this latest quote from Steve Bannon is indeed real, it paints him as being every bit as much of a racist as many Americans believe he is.


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