Insiders: Donald Trump’s crazy National Security Advisor Michael Flynn already self destructing


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If you’ve lost track of just who Michael T. Flynn is in the midst of the other higher profile extremists dominating the Donald Trump administration, he’s the crazy former military guy who likes chanting “Lock Her Up” and was once disciplined because he leaked classified information — and he’s deeply tied to Russia. He’s since taken on the role of Trump’s National Security Advisor. But just ten days into the administration, Trump’s other top advisors are leaking that Flynn is already on the outs.

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In a lengthy insider piece published by the New York Times this week which details just how much power Steve Bannon has assumed over the White House, the consistent focus of the piece is that Michael Flynn has quickly talked himself into being on the outs with Trump. The profile paints Flynn as being more or less unable to stop talking, to the point that his rambling answer during Trump’s meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May left Trump embarrassed.

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Trump also fired Flynn’s son for spreading the false information which led to a near-shooting at a Brooklyn pizzeria. And various members of Trump’s brand new cabinet have grown so concerned with Flynn’s behavior that they’ve called meetings just to discuss Flynn’s behavior. Meanwhile, Flynn has supposedly been complaining that he no longer gets one on one face time with Trump since the inauguration.

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There are two equally important aspects of these revelations. One is that Donald Trump assembled a team largely consisting of corrupt, unqualified and unstable people because those were the only kind of people who wanted to be involved with his campaign to begin with – and now that these bad actors have job responsibilities, they’re flailing.

The other key item of note here is that one or more individuals within Trump’s team are so adamant about finishing off the already-wounded Flynn that they’ve made a point of leaking all of these embarrassing details to the New York Times. By revealing that Flynn already has one foot out the door, they’re helping to finish him of all the more quickly. It paints a picture of the Trump administration already operating along the lines of a metaphorical Game of Thrones.

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