FBI fires back, reveals just how screwed Donald Trump is in his Russia scandal

Yesterday, Donald Trump launched an unprecedented series of attacks on the FBI and its leadership. It was a clear attempt at scaring the FBI into backing down, as the bureau continues to work to expose his lifetime of crimes. Trump’s bitter and whiny tone suggested that he knows he can’t win this battle. Sure enough, the FBI fired back today by revealing just how screwed Trump truly is when it comes to his crimes being exposed.

Early in 2017 it was revealed that Russia had been laundering billions of dollars into a bank in Cyprus, then into Deutsche Bank in Germany, and then into the hands of clients in places like New York City. Combine this with the fact that Deutsche Bank has been loaning inexplicably large sums of money to Trump despite little hope of getting paid back, and it all makes sense. Russia took financial control of Trump by laundering money to him through Cyprus and Germany. Proving it, however, is trickier. That’s where the FBI comes in.

It was recently reveled that Special Counsel Robert Mueller seized Trump-related banking records from Deutsche Bank this fall. That’s half the battle. Today, The Guardian is reporting that the FBI has obtained Trump-related banking records from Cyprus, and has apparently had them since November (link). Based on the timing and the nature of today's article, it's fairly clear that the FBI itself is the source of this story. In other words, the FBI is firing back at Donald Trump by revealing that it already has proof of his money pipeline from Russia. The FBI has the Cyprus records, Robert Mueller has the Deutsche Bank records, and combined they'll prove Trump is in fact a financial puppet of Vladimir Putin. The FBI's message to Trump today is clear: 'It's too late to survive this. Instead of screwing with us, offer to resign in exchange for a reduced prison sentence while you still can.'

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report