Donald Trump is having the worst Christmas Eve ever

Here’s how a lot of people normally spend Christmas Eve: they gather with family, eat a festive meal, sit around the tree and enjoy time with their loved ones. Here’s how Donald Trump is spending Christmas Eve: ranting and raving like an unhinged lunatic who thinks the entire world is about to come crashing down on him, and is desperately looking for someone – anyone – to blame for his own impending demise.

It’s almost difficult to put into words how far off the deep end Trump is going today. Thus far he’s dishonestly attacked Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe, the FBI, ObamaCare, the media, and everyone who is not part of his own “base.” He’s yelled “fake news” three times and then he yelled “fake polls” as well. He retweeted an image of himself with CNN splatted on his shoe like a bug. Merry Christmas, he seems to be saying, while encouraging violence against the media. And that’s just for starters.

It’s difficult to point to any point in this year in which this pitiful excuse for a human being has been particularly enjoying himself. But it’s clear that, here on Christmas Eve, he’s far more miserable and defensive than usual. Perhaps that’s because he’s figured out he can’t fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller or the leadership at the FBI, and combined they have enough evidence to take down him and his family.

In fact that may be why Donald Trump is so resentful and miserable today. Somewhere down in the deepest recesses of his addled and delusional mind, even he knows this is probably the last Christmas Eve he’ll get to spend with his family. His son and his son-in-law will soon be faced with the choice of going to prison or sending Trump to prison. That’ll shatter his family no matter what decisions are ultimately made. Trump should be trying to enjoy Christmas while he can – but even he can’t stop thinking about how it’s all going to crap for him.