Donald Trump’s inauguration concert drew about 400,000 fewer attendees than Obama’s did

Skeptics predicted that Donald Trump would have trouble drawing a crowd for his inauguration due to his unpopularity and divisiveness. And based on the turnout at his inauguration concert the night before the swearing in ceremony, those skeptics are looking very much correct. The first sign of trouble came when overhead shots revealed that the traditional crowd around the reflecting pool between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument simply wasn’t forming. And now the professional crowd size estimates are coming in, which are nothing short of devastating.

MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid posted those estimates this evening. Trump’s inaugural concert drew a crowd of around 10,000 people. That’s in contrast to Barack Obama’s inaugural concert, which she says drew around 400,000. That’s not a typo. Trump only drew 2.5% as many people as Obama did. That’s a stunning blow for Trump, whom some believe only ran for president because he thought he was better than Obama.

Nonetheless, Trump will likely be bragging on Twitter about how he broke attendance records any moment now.

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