Donald Trump brags that Richard Nixon once told him to run for office

If Richard Nixon is best remembered for saying “I am not a crook” and then turning out to have been one, Donald Trump may ultimately be remembered for insisting he’s not a Russian patsy and then turning out to have been precisely that. So one might think that Trump would try to distance himself from the only president who ever had to resign due to scandal. But instead, Trump is about to hang a letter he received from Nixon on the White House wall — one which encouraged him to run for office.

Back in 1987, Pat Nixon saw Donald Trump on the Phil Donahue Show and concluded that he would one day run for office and win. She convinced her husband, who sent Trump a letter of encouragement in that regard. Trump revealed back in December that he plans to hang that letter on the wall in the White House, as reported by Politico. And so that means as of tomorrow, or whenever Donald Trump decides to belatedly begin showing up for work, Nixon’s letter will be on full display in the Oval Office.

This means of course that if Donald Trump ends up resigning, as many expect based on his exploding Russia scandal, he’ll have to take down that letter off the Oval Office wall from the only other U.S. president to ever resign.

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