Donald Trump’s own base begins turning against him after he fires Anthony Scaramucci

Donald Trump appears to have hired Anthony Scaramucci under the false pretense of making him a key long-term adviser, when all Trump really wanted was to use the erratic Scaramucci to chase away Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer before dumping him as well. Now that Trump has fired The Mooch after just eleven days, it’s led to a remarkable amount of hang-wringing and backlash from his own base, many of whom are now angry at him.

Prominent alt-right Donald Trump cheerleader Mike Cernovich lashed out at Trump after the firing, tweeting that “Mooch sold his company, and this is what happens. After this, only swamp monsters and those without other options will work for Trump WH” (link). While it was somewhat startling to see Cernovich taking an anti-Trump stance on the matter, the responses from his fellow Trump fans may have been more telling.

For instance one member of Trump’s base tweeted a reply which read “I’m super disappointed in this move. I hope our President is doing this with good reason. Not sure I’d be in a rush 2 work 4 WH now.” Another seemed to agree, ruefully tweeting that “in one week Mooch did more to win over the hearts of patriots than Trumps entire administration could do in 6 months.” And yet another was clearly left jaded by what happened: “Sold his company, missed his child’s birth and got divorced by his wife. Ask him if it was worth it. I’d say not.” All of these tweets can be found in response to the above-linked Cernovich tweet.

There were plenty of other members of Donald Trump’s base who defended Trump, with many of them offering the rather odd reasoning that Trump should be allowed to mislead Scaramucci and ruin his life if he wants. That tells us a lot about the true nature of Trump’s supporters. But the upshot here is that up to now, all of Trump’s base had been solidly behind him – yet now this whole Scaramucci fandango is causing a number of them to openly question whether Trump is what they were hoping for when they voted for him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report