Donald Trump resumes bragging about winning Wisconsin, but evidence says the state was rigged

Late yesterday, Reince Priebus used Twitter to brag about how Donald Trump and the Republican Party won the state of Wisconsin in 2016 for the first time in thirty years (link). Trump then retweeted Priebus. It’s not clear why either man thinks now is a good time to brag about the Wisconsin upset. But it does mean this is a good time to take a look at the evidence that suggests the Wisconsin outcome was rigged.

During the course of the Wisconsin recount effort, Palmer Report was in contact with on-site recount observers. We learned of multiple discrepancies which pointed to incompetence at best and hijinks at worst. For instance in St. Croix County, recount observers noted that five of the nine vote counting machines had broken seals (link). The voting machine manufacturer’s own website stated that machines with broken seals should not have been used, and voting integrity groups said the same.

Elsewhere in Wisconsin, observers shared with us the errors they were finding in filled-out election ballots. The wording of those ballots in Dane County was so confusing that numerous voters ended up doing things like writing in Hillary Clinton instead of bubbling her name, which the machines did not pick up (link). Some voters also circled the name of their candidate instead of bubbling the name.

Meanwhile in Waukesha County, those employees tasked with recounting the votes were caught illegally hiding ballots from the designated observers (link). Waukesha was the biggest hotbed of controversy during the recount, with observers regularly noting problems. The county ultimately refused to do a hand recount, opting instead for a useless machine recount. This meant that most of the discrepancies were not able to be uncovered by the recount. And because the mainstream media refused to report on the recounts, much of the public is unaware of these controversies to this day โ€“ even though it was documented first hand by designated recount observers who were more than willing to share their evidence with Palmer Report when we asked.

Finally, there was the stunning mathematical unlikelihood of every one of Donald Trump’s shocking swing state upsets โ€“ Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania โ€“ all being by the same one percent margin (link). That’s not a naturally occurring statistical outcome. If Trump won those states legitimately, the margins of victory would have been more spread out (for instance 1% in one state, 2.2% in another state, 2.7% in another state, etc). In contrast, the consistent 1% margin in those four states reads more like something drawn up by hand. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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