Congressman Ted Lieu rips into “dumb as a rock” Donald Trump adviser

Congressman Ted Lieu likes to say what he really thinks when it comes to Donald Trump and his administration. That refreshing level of straightforwardness, not always found in the political world, has led to a number of signature moments for Lieu this year as he continues to become a nationally respected figure. Par for the course, he ripped into a Donald Trump adviser who tried to defend Trump’s violent and vulgar tweets.

Trump’s White House is now so short on people willing to publicly defend him that it had to trot out obscure adviser Thomas Bossert (was the butler not available?) to appear on ABC This Week in defense of Trump’s deranged recent tweeting. Bossert proudly insisted that Donald Trump is “the most genuine president and the most non-politician president that we’ve seen in my lifetime.” Let’s just say that the remark didn’t go over particularly well with Congressman Lieu.

“Note to dumb as a rock WH adviser,” Ted Lieu tweeted in response to Bossert’s nonsense, “Genuine violence is still violence. Genuine bigotry is still bigotry. Genuine sexism is still sexism.” (link). But as it turned out, Lieu was just getting warmed up with his criticism for Trump and his administration for the day.

After it was announced that a Justice Department compliance expert resigned in protest of Donald Trump’s corrupt nature, Ted Lieu sarcastically tweeted “DRAIN THE SWAMP.” In response to protesters chanting “Lock him up” at anti-Trump rallies, Lieu quipped “I am so confused when people chant “Lock Him Up.” Do they mean Flynn? Kushner? Sessions? Manafort? If Trump, which one? Or Trump’s lawyer?” (link). And when a Trump fan tweeted hatred at Ted Lieu, he simply responded “I served on active duty in the US military to protect your freedom to say stupid things. Happy July 4th!”

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