Donald Trump appears to have been tweeting during a legal deposition on Thursday

With inauguration day growing nearer and evidence of Russian collision closing in on him, Donald Trump has begun tweeting more incoherently and dishonestly – and more often – then ever. In the past week alone he’s gone on benders which included everything from aligning himself with wanted cyberterrorist Julian Assange (whose name he got comically wrong) to undecipherable rants about health care. But in what may be a first, based on the timelines, Trump appears to have been tweeting while he was giving a legal deposition on Thursday morning.

According to Politico, Trump spent Thursday morning giving a two hour legal deposition at Trump Tower related to the lawsuit involving a chef who backed out of a restaurant deal with Trump after he made racist remarks. Specifically, Trump’s own attorney arrived just after 8:30am. But according to Trump’s Twitter account, he began a rant about Julian Assange at 8:25am, which he then wrapped up at 8:45am.

We checked, and these tweets were sent from an Android device, meaning that Trump posted them himself (his staff tweets on his behalf using an iPhone). So he really was tweeting during a deposition. It’s not known precisely when the video camera was turned on and Trump began answering questions. But at the least, Donald Trump was tweeting after his own attorney for the deposition was already involved. Did he make her wait while he finished his Assange rant? Did his second tweet come during the deposition itself? Just how addicted has Trump become to his Twitter account, as the world closes in around him?

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