Carter Page won’t say who brought him to Donald Trump, but we’ve confirmed it was Jeff Sessions

Carter Page spent his CNN interview today refusing to tell host Jake Tapper just who it was who first brought him to Donald Trump. Page, who has a history of lying in such interviews, insisted it was not Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He also implied it was not Republican operative Sam Clovis. But Page seems to be unaware that it was revealed long ago who first introduced him to Trump. In fact Palmer Report has already confirmed it.

Back on March 3rd of 2017, Palmer Report published this article (link) confirming that it was Jeff Sessions, who was then a Senator from Alabama, who first introduced Carter Page to Donald Trump. Our source: an obscure old article published online by a local CBS television affiliate in Alabama, back when Page first joined the fray.

The headline of the WHNT 19 Alabama article reads “Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions arranges meeting between Donald Trump, influential Republicans.” Then the article goes on to explain that those influential Republicans were “counter-terrorism expert Walid Phares, energy consultant George Papadopoulos, former Defense Department inspector general Joe Schmitz, managing partner of Global Energy Capital Carter Page and former Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg.”

So there you have it. An article from March 21st of 2016 confirmed in plain sight that it was Jeff Sessions who first introduced Donald Trump to Carter Page, at a meeting Sessions arranged. As you can see on the WHNT 19 website, not only is it a CBS News affiliate, it also lists its article as having been taken from the CNN Wire (link). So this is as reliable as it’s going to get.


In other words, it was definitely Jeff Sessions – now the Attorney General – who first introduced Carter Page to Donald Trump. As for the question of who dropped Page into Sessions’ lap to begin with, that’s less clear. But back in February we did report that there was at least some evidence Sessions’ then-Senate chief of staff Rick Dearborn was the one who brought Page to Sessions (link). If you’re wondering, Dearborn is now a deputy chief of staff in Trump’s White House. Contribute to Palmer Report

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