Russian asset Carter Page has an NYC office with a private connecting walkway to Trump Tower

In light of the earlier news that Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had been under the thumb of a Russian spy since 2013 (link), and last night’s news that the FBI has had a FISA surveillance warrant on Page since the summer of 2016 (link), here’s a new tidbit that may connect a lot of the dots. This comes by way of a Twitter post from political journalist Seth Abramson, who reveals that Page and Trump had a private connecting walkway between them.

It can be confirmed from Carter Page’s own Global Energy Capital website that his office is located at 590 Madison Avenue in Manhattan (link). Further, the workspace listing site confirms that 590 Madison Avenue has a “connecting walkway to Trump Tower” (link). And this New York Times article has a graphic which visually confirms that the walkway between 590 Madison Avenue and Trump Tower is private one which can’t be seen by those on the outside of the buildings (link). So where to even begin with this new information?

For one thing, it means that Carter Page and Donald Trump had immediate private access to each other’s buildings if they wanted it. And as Seth Abramson points out in his tweet (link, and if you’re not following him on Twitter you should be), this could easily be the “rear entrance” which has widely been described as having been used by Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak when he snuck into Trump Tower in December for a secret meeting with Jared Kushner (link). But there’s more.


My own biggest question that comes to mind is whether the ‘Trump Tower Russian email server’ we keep hearing about may have actually been located in Carter Page’s office in 590 Madison Avenue instead of physically being in Trump Tower. As I’ve previously discussed on Palmer Report, the email server in question was shut down three days before Page announced he was leaving the campaign (link), just as the heat was getting cranked up on the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia. Contribute to Palmer Report

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