Donald Trump’s former ghostwriter says he’s going to resign

Few people know Donald Trump better than Tony Schwartz, who worked with Trump to ghostwrite the book “Art Of The Deal” decades ago, and has since become one of Trump’s most vocal critics. So it’s notable that Schwartz, who has spent time inside Trump’s head like perhaps few others ever have, now says he believes Trump is going to resign – and it might happen soon than you’d think.

This week Trump’s own staffers began leaking to the media that they’ve been privately trying to warn him about the 25th Amendment being invoked. Reportedly, Trump wasn’t even familiar with its existence, let alone with the article that allows Mike Pence and the cabinet to summarily remove him from office. The leaks make clear that even Trump’s staff think he’s in a downward spiral, and that moves will end up being made in the name of ousting him. That’s where Schwartz comes in with his resignation prediction.

Tony Schwartz tweeted “I still believe (and pray) Trump will resign by year end to avoid worse humiliation – e.g.indictment by Mueller, or 25th amendment removal.” (link). It’s notable that there only around ten weeks remaining in this year. Again, this is the guy who worked so closely with Trump in the early years, he ended up being able to believably write an entire book in Trump’s name. There are some among the Resistance who have reflexively said “Trump is too (fill in the blank) to ever resign” whenever the topic has come up. But the reality is that every time Trump has faced failure in his career, he’s used tactics like bankruptcies to abruptly quit and walk away.

The complicating factor here is that Donald Trump is currently under criminal investigation, both for his Russian collusion crimes aimed at rigging the election, and for his lifetime of financial crimes. He’ll want immunity in exchange for his resignation. The public won’t go for that – so what kind of deal will Trump ultimately settle for?