Donald Trump takes his ugliest parting shots because he knows the jig is up

Whatever you’ve thought about the level of destruction that Donald Trump has brought to the United States over the past nine months, something has now changed. Over the past twenty-four hours he’s quickly gone into some kind of turbo berserk mode – and he’s making the kind of ugly destructive moves that even his staff thought they’d managed to talk him out of. He’s suddenly trying to torch the country as swiftly and spitefully as he can, because he knows what’s about to come next.

Last night Trump announced that he’ll be defaulting on federal subsidies for ObamaCare. This means that millions of Americans will lose their health insurance in the upcoming year, and that millions more will see massive increases in their premiums. Not only is this a likely illegal move on his part that will get him promptly sued by several states, it’s also the kind of move that’ll make him even less popular – as even some of his own supporters will lose their health insurance over it. But he was just getting started.

Today, Trump sniffed his way through a speech in which he announced that he’s decertifying the Iran deal for no apparent reason. This means Congress will have to vote on whether to impose sanctions, even though Congress just finished incrementally increasing sanctions on Iran, which Trump still hasn’t implemented. Trump’s move puts the deal at risk of falling apart, and sharply increases the odds that Iran will end up with a nuclear weapon. These sudden moves are shocking, groundbreakingly bad, and downright ugly even by Trump’s abysmal standards. That’s because he knows what’s coming.

The trouble is that we don’t know what’s coming. Why is Donald Trump suddenly making the most damaging moves he can think of in rapid succession? Why is he suddenly sniffing like he’s high on cocaine again? He seems to save that habit for when he’s in his absolute worst downward spirals. Something is about to surface or transpire that he thinks is going to destroy him. He’s frantic, he’s high, and he’s taking the ugliest parting shots at America he can think of. Whatever is going on, he thinks the jig is up. Stay tuned.

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