GOP insider on Donald Trump: “We’re in s— up to our eyeballs”

This week a remarkable, if long overdue, development began to unfold: multiple Republicans in Congress began publicly questioning whether their own party’s president, Donald Trump, was fit to remain in office. Senator Bob Corker in particular said that most of his Republican colleagues feel the same way. Now a Republican insider, who used to serve in Congress, is being even more direct about how bad things are getting when it comes to Trump and the Republican Party.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, a liberal Democrat, shared a conversation he recently had with an unnamed conservative Republican friend who used to be a member of Congress. The upshot: additional Republicans in Congress are “thinking about doing what Bob did. Sounding the alarm. They think Trump’s nuts. Unfit. Dangerous.” However, the GOP is worried about having to head into the midterm elections with no accomplishments to appease their base, so they’re hoping to push through tax cuts for the rich (which they’re loudly pretending is a middle class tax cut) before they oust Trump.

When Reich asked his Republican friend how this is going to ultimately play out, the GOP insider responded “You got me. I’m just glad I’m not there anymore. Trump’s not just a moron. He’s a despicable human being. And he’s getting crazier. Paranoid. Unhinged. Everyone knows it. I mean, we’re in shit up to our eyeballs with this guy.” He also said that Republicans in Congress are “also worried about Trump crazies, all the ignoramuses he’s stirred up.”

Sure enough, shortly after Reich posted this conversation, Republican Senator Ben Sasse publicly accused Trump of having reneged on his oath to the Constitution. Republican Senator John McCain also publicly slammed Trump for having failed to implement the latest Russian sanctions law. So those voices are coming – just too slowly. You can read Robert Reich’s entire conversation with his GOP insider friend here.

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