Steve Bannon launches vicious personal attack against Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have been frenemies since the day Trump pushed Bannon out of the White House this summer. At times they’ve informally plotted together, and at other times they’ve backed rival candidates or taken indirect shots at each other. It looks like the middle ground is finished, however. Bannon just launched a vicious personal attack against Trump, essentially calling him a child rapist in the process.

Bannon previously ripped into Ivanka Trump while campaigning for alleged child molester Roy Moore, using her “special place in hell” line against her. Now that Moore has lost, humiliating both Bannon and Donald Trump in the process, Bannon is squarely blaming Ivanka for having condemned Moore. However, Bannon is targeting Ivanka this time by criticizing her for ignoring the things that her father has been accused of doing.

Steve Bannon said this about Ivanka Trump to Vanity Fair “What about the allegations about her dad and that 13-year-old?” (link). This is in reference to a lawsuit brought by a woman who alleged that Trump raped her when she was thirteen. That lawsuit has since been dropped, and there are no criminal charges pending in the matter. However, that isn’t stopping Bannon from dredging it up again and trying to use it to harm Trump’s already battered reputation. So what is Bannon trying to do?

It’s possible Bannon is simply trying to get revenge on Donald Trump now that his own political career and reputation are essentially in ruins. It’s also possible that Bannon is targeting Trump specifically as punishment for Trump’s decision to partner with the Republican establishment to raise taxes on the middle class and give it to the wealthy. Now the question is this: how much further is Bannon willing to go to try to bring Trump down, and how will Trump respond once he hears what Bannon just said? These two men both know each other’s ugliest secrets.