Don’t be shocked if Donald Trump fires Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe tomorrow

The media has spent all week telling us that Donald Trump is going to try to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller tomorrow. The words and actions of Trump, his allies, and his family have told us that someone else may get fired tomorrow instead. Trump can’t fire Mueller, not directly anyway. And even if the GOP is stupid enough to support him on it, the public wouldn’t let him get away with it anyway. So instead he seems intent on taking out his frustrations on a perfectly harmless guy named Andrew McCabe.

For weeks, Fox News and other pro-Trump propaganda outlets have been falsely accusing Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe of being some kind of secret operative for Hillary Clinton. This is based on no evidence of any kind, but that never matters to these types. Trump has eagerly bought into this conspiracy and has launched Twitter attacks on McCabe several times. In Trump’s delusional mind, it’s McCabe who’s somehow really out to get him, as he continues to believe that Hillary is somehow the architect of his demise from afar.

This week Donald Trump has also begun taking shots at McCabe on Twitter. Congressman Trey Gowdy, a corrupt Trump shill, couldn’t contain his excitement and ended up bragging to the media that he believes McCabe will be fired soon. The Republican Congress has hauled McCabe in for questioning today, and is presumably grilling him about one phony conspiracy after another. The groundwork is being laid for Trump to fire McCabe and spin it as a victory over Hillary Clinton. So what does McCabe have to do with Robert Mueller and the Trump-Russia investigation?

Nothing, essentially. Robert Mueller has full autonomy over the investigation, and he doesn’t answer to anyone at the FBI. He only answers to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If Donald Trump fires Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, it won’t put him any closer to ending the investigation. It will, however, allow him to take out his frustrations and pretend he scored a victory. Update: McCabe just made a last minute move that may or may not end up saving his job.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report