The real danger in the Republican attacks on Robert Mueller

Despite the sudden rhetoric from the Republican Party, the sudden hype by the media, and the sudden fear gripping some members of the Resistance, the GOP is not gearing up to try to oust Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It knows the public will force the Trump-Russia investigation to be seen to its conclusion one way or the other. Ousting Mueller wouldn’t stop that. So instead the GOP is looking to do something even worse to the investigation.

Take a look at the sheer number of people gearing up to take to the streets and shut this nation down if Mueller is fired, and it’s clear that the Trump-Russia investigation will never be shut down. This is the red line, the breaking point, the one thing Donald Trump and his allies simply cannot get away with. Trump and his allies tried ousting James Comey, and all it got them was the more powerful Mueller. They’re not dumb enough to try to oust Mueller, knowing they’d end up getting stuck with someone even more powerful. So instead they’re trying to destroy Mueller even as they allow him to reach the finish line.

The ideal scenario for Trump and his allies is that Mueller eventually reveals proof that Trump committed treason and other serious crimes, but by that time there’s so much fake controversy surrounding Mueller, the general public is too confused to figure out what’s really going on. Trump’s fate ultimately will not be decided by those who support or oppose him. It’ll be decided by the Americans in the middle who have to decide which side to believe.

Again, Donald Trump and his Republican allies would only make things even worse for themselves by ousting Robert Mueller and creating the kind of unprecedented backlash that would ultimately cause the investigation to continue in one form or another. Trump and his allies are best off if they can make Mueller so controversial that his eventual findings don’t carry the weight with the public that they should. That’s what they’re really up to here – and it’s arguably even more dangerous.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report