Amid airport shooting, Florida Gov. Rick Scott called Donald Trump but not President Obama

Not only is Rick Scott an overwhelmingly corrupt Governor of Florida, he doesn’t appear to know who the President of the United States is. As a mass shooting was playing out at the Fort Lauderdale Airport on Friday, an incident which may have been a terrorist attack and had clear national security implications, Rick Scott didn’t make any attempt at reaching out to current President Barack Obama. Instead, by his own admission, he reached out to current non-President Donald Trump instead.

Under the Constitution, the United States has only one President at a time. And for the next two weeks, that President’s name is Barack Obama. But don’t tell that to Rick Scott, who admitted to reporters today that he reached out to Donald Trump and Mike Pence – who currently hold no federal office – instead of reaching out to the President of the United States. Why? “I have a personal relationship” with them, he said.

Trump himself later confirmed that he had spoken with Rick Scott about the shooting. In bypassing the President of the United States in order to collaborate with a man who is not yet President, Florida Governor Rick Scott violated every political protocol this nation has. We’re currently researching to determine whether Scott violated any state or federal laws in the process.

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