Donald Trump’s Niger scandal explodes – but his deadly Yemen military scandal was just as corrupt

We’re still waiting for a number of missing pieces in Donald Trump’s Niger military scandal. All we know at this point is that four U.S. soldiers were killed there just a few days after Trump’s buffoonery cost the U.S. military its support troops from Chad, and that Niger had just entered into a strange military partnership with Russia, and that Trump desperately tried to cover up the entire thing. Now it’s about to be investigated to the hilt. But it’s also time to investigate Trump’s deadly military scandal in Yemen, which was just as corrupt – and appeared to involve the opening of a golf course.

Back in February, Donald Trump signed off on a harebrained military operation in Yemen which had already previously been rejected by President Obama. It was a joint operation between the U.S. military and the United Arab Emirates military, and as Palmer Report documented at the time (link), it occurred just as Trump was trying to get the government of United Arab Emirates to sign off on the opening of his long delayed Trump-branded golf course in Dubai. Sure enough, two weeks after the military raid, Eric Trump tweeted that the Dubai golf course was holding its grand opening.

Considering the circumstances, and the favor-trading manner in which Trump has long done business, it’s highly unlikely that these two things were a coincidence. The raid in Yemen served little strategic purpose for the United States, and would have provided little benefit even if it had succeeded. On the other hand, the Yemen raid would have gotten Al Qaeda off the back of the United Arab Emirates if it had succeeded. All along it’s appeared that Trump approved the Yemen op as a favor to the UAE government, in order to get his Dubai golf course opened.

The mainstream media absolutely refused to touch this storyline at the time, perhaps because it was still too focused on Donald Trump’s other scandals. But a Navy SEAL died in the U.S. operation in Yemen. If Trump did order it as part of a deal to get his golf course up and running, he might as well have pulled the trigger himself. If we’re going to investigate the Niger scandal, we need to finally investigate the Yemen scandal as well.

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