John McCain protects key Trump-Russia witness, after Donald Trump tried to put him in danger

Senator John McCain is now making more clear by the day that he plans to use his remaining time in politics to dismantle Donald Trump, piece by corrupt piece. Now that Trump is trying to make an example out of a key Trump-Russia witness by putting him in danger, in an apparent attempt at scaring other witnesses out of testifying, McCain has quickly and successfully back to protect the witness in question.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin conspired to target Bill Browder, a British citizen who testified before Congress that Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian government were colluding during the election. Putin put out an international arrest warrant which falsely accused Browder of a murder which Putin’s own people had committed. Trump then immediately revoked Browder’s visa, blocking Browder from boarding a flight to the United States. This left Browder in limbo, and potentially vulnerable to Putin’s tendency to murder his political adversaries.

Bill Browder went public with the scandal yesterday when he tweeted about it. That led John McCain to pair up with Democratic Senator Ben Cardin today to release a joint statement demanding that Department of Homeland Security immediately work to fix Browder’s visa (link). The statement also spelled out that Browder clearly did not commit the murder in question, and that Putin’s own people were responsible for it instead. Now that a bipartisan Senate effort is playing out in public to expose Trump’s Browder scandal, making it impossible for Trump to keep this under the radar. Sure enough, three hours after the statement was released, DHS reversed itself and allowed Browder into the country.

This comes just days after John McCain and Ben Cardin also paired up to expose Donald Trump’s refusal to implement the Russian sanctions that were included in a bill he signed this summer. Somewhere in between, Cardin also made an effort to get Ivanka Trump’s security clearance revoked. As we pointed out at the time, it appears McCain’s fingerprints are on that move as well

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