Donald Trump uses Christmas Eve to promote violence against journalists

Is nothing sacred? When it comes to Donald Trump, the worst human being on the planet, the answer to continues to be that no, nothing is indeed sacred. It’s bad enough that Trump has spent Christmas Eve angrily ranting and raving and attacking people and spreading damaging lies and trying to divide the nation against itself. In a moment that some folks missed, Trump specifically promoted violence against journalists.

In amongst Trump’s rambling and demented rants about everyone from the FBI to Hillary Clinton, he retweeted an image of himself sitting in the presidential limo with his foot up on his knee. The image is offensive enough, as it’s a reminder that Trump is continuing to illegally occupy the office of President of the United States after having committed treason to rig the election in his favor. But if you take a look at the bottom of his shoe, you’ll see what the image is really about:

On the bottom of Trump’s shoe, CNN has been squished like a bug. One might be tempted to write this off as a mere metaphorical threat against CNN, if not for Trump’s long and consistent history of calling for violence against journalists. He’s previously retweeted an image of a Trump Train running over CNN as well as other disturbingly violent imagery.

Donald Trump is trying to encourage his deranged supporters to commit acts of violence against American journalists. He’s doing it through violent imagery on Twitter, and he’s repeatedly done it at campaign rallies. Trump once fired up his crowd of goons so angrily in the direction of MSNBC reporter Katy Tur, the Secret Service ended up having to walk her to her car for her own protection. It’s a matter of time before Trump’s goons murder a journalist. Will Trump be charged for his role in that murder?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report