California Senator launches investigation into Melania Trump’s illegal immigration records


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During the course of the 2016 election, which saw Donald Trump repeatedly insisting that he would kick anyone out of the United States who immigrated illegally, various details surfaced which strongly pointed to his own wife Melania having been an illegal immigrant herself. She’s been documented as having done work in New York long before she claims to have first arrived in the U.S., meaning her own life story is a lie. And now a California Senator is launching an investigation into Melania Trump’s illegal immigration status.

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Nancy Skinner, a State Senator in the California Assembly, is now seeking Melania Trump’s immigration records. The basis of her probe is this widely cited report from the Associated Press from just four days before the election, which documented a number of paying jobs Melania performed in the United States in violation of her visa status. This stands out as notable in that Donald Trump has repeatedly stated he’ll deport any immigrant who was abused the U.S. visa system.

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Based on existing legal precedent, nothing punitive will happen to Melania Trump. Since abusing her visa status in 1995, she hasn’t violated any further laws and she’s gone on to become a United States citizen. So the aim of Senator Skinner’s investigation is not to get Melania into legal trouble. Instead the aim is to emphasize that the immigrants Donald Trump is demonizing and cracking down on are mostly similar to his own wife: they came here, worked hard, kept their noses clean, and may have technically violated immigration and visa laws — but are not criminals or dangerous.

Senator Skinner is particularly trying to fight back against Donald Trump’s threat to cut off federal funding to Sanctuary Cities in California and elsewhere, which have welcomed refugees and undocumented immigrants. If the general public can be made to see that Trump’s own wife is one of the “illegal immigrants” he’s trying to demonize, it could turn public sentiment against his proposals.


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